Time to Face the Music
REM-04 is from the Remixed collection by Dutch collage artist Arthur Slenk (b. 1941). The collection was inspired by two boxes of antique handwritten sheet music purchased by the artist. Slenk found a certain beauty in the handwritten musical scores and after studying the pages in depth he noticed certain recurring effects, such as ink...
chantry 1
High Contrast
Art Chantry’s posters from the 1980s combine simple collage techniques with low-cost printing. Chantry often cut images out of magazines and catalogs, photocopying them to create high-contrast images that he could put together into arresting illustrations. Each poster uses mass media to comment on its own idioms.   According to designer Art Chantry, this poster...
vaca 1
Post-Cubist Still Life
Since the Dada revolution, designers and artists have chopped up glossy magazines in their search for raw materials. To create this poster for a festival of contemporary avant-garde films, the designer cut away the body of Christ from a blown-up of a Renaissance painting. The blank space where the body used to be becomes a...
At left, nude woman (modeled after Igres' "Odalisque"), reclining on red surface with back to viewer, wearing a gorilla mask and holding a fan in right hand.
Guerilla Feminism
Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum? is a poster designed by the Guerrilla Girls – a radical feminist collective – in order to draw attention to rampant discrimination against women artists in the curatorial collections of major museums. Legendary for their guerrilla tactics, gorilla masks and take-no-prisoners attitude, the Guerrilla...
Richard Meier’s Art in Architecture
Design Watch Members enjoyed a special evening with Cooper-Hewitt trustee Richard Meier at the opening of Art in Architecture: Selected Works by Richard Meier in Brooklyn. This exhibition is hosted in Richard Meier’s own architectural project, Richard Meier on Prospect Park. Meier’s collages and sculptures complement his architecture in various, unexpected ways. In contrast to...