Christina Malman

Exploding Giraffes
In celebration of Women’s History Month, Cooper Hewitt is dedicating select Object of the Day entries to the work of women designers in our collection. Nudged in a single exuberant moment between a decade of the Great Depression and the looming threat of World War II, the 1939 World’s Fair is popularly thought to have...
Drawing of large, colorful birds perched in tree branches peering down at a group of the Audubon Society bird-watchers represented in small scale black and white. They point, take notes, and look through field glasses. Birds depicted based on Audubon prints.
Nothing’s Flocking
Christina Malman was born in Southhampton, England in 1912. When she was two year’s old she moved to New York City, where she lived and worked for the rest of her life. Christina began her career as a cover artist for the “New Yorker” magazine in the mid 1930’s. Over the course of twenty years,...