block printing

Image shows a block-printed wallpaper with a medallion stripe pattern printed in a monochrome blue-gray colorway, with each medallion surrounded by two dogs and two birds. Please scroll down to read the blog post for this object.
Merging Craft and the Modern
In celebration of Women’s History Month, March Object of the Day posts highlight women designers in the collection. This sidewall, with its medallions and stylized animal imagery, brings to mind medieval and Renaissance brocades made centuries earlier. However, its two-tone blue gray color scheme has little in common with the vibrant colors of those rich...
Image of textile piece 1919.
Peche’s Ornamental Ombré
Matilda McQuiad discusses this ombré textile by prominent Austrian designer Dagobert Peche.
Tropical Flowers
During a routine trade trip to Pondicherry India in 1735, French naval officer Antoine de Beaulieu was both enamored and mystified by the Indians’ techniques for dyeing cloth. He endeavored to meticulously record each of the eleven distinct steps, including a sample of fabric at every stage of the process. His book was published in...