Image features wallpaper with a variety of white aircraft against a blue background. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Wings Over America
Thought it was time to write about another children’s wallpaper. This is a post-war wallpaper, probably one of the first to be produced following the moratorium on new designs during the war. It took manufacturers about a year to get up to speed and introduce their first collections. This design shows a variety of different...
Dream Car
From the Object of the Day archives, a blog post on the concept cars designed by Pete Wozena for General Motors.
Flying Liveries
When did you first see the Alitalia livery? A group of planes wearing the Alitalia livery It was designed by Walter Landor in 1967, working from his original headquarters, a retired ferryboat moored in San Francisco called The Klamath. He had already gained a strong reputation for original ideas about designing brands with just the...