Author: Emily Shapiro

Textile, 1920s
Untraditional Art Deco
If, at first glance, this textile by Thomas Lamb seems to have a mythical and classical reference at its core, that’s because it does. It may seem strange for a mid-1920s textile to embrace Diana the Huntress as its subject matter, when Art Deco, with its focus on skyscrapers and modern materials, was rapidly becoming...
Length of woven fabric with wide horizontal bands of brown, greens, red and pink, some with woven patterns of dots or rings in varied sizes, over-printed with a column of large white dots
Industry vs. Craft
Dutch Designer Hella Jongerius has dedicated her career to juxtaposing seemingly contradictory themes in her work: industry and craft, high and low tech, traditional and contemporary influences and modes of creation. She has been featured in exhibitions here at the Cooper-Hewitt, as well as at MoMA and the Design Museum in London, among others. Jongerius...