Thea Angella Tenorio, grade 12
Redwood High School, Larkspur, CA

My design addresses the struggle of amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. The lack of these voices perpetuates a society built to benefit those who are privileged, without making room for other people. I’ve experienced this marginalization and hope to create a better environment for others through education. The Rain Room is an open space containing a statue in the middle to receive messages and stories from different people that will then be projected on the structure’s ceiling. On the ground, viewers will see engravings of encouragement in different languages for inclusivity as well as other people’s experiences and stories. The raindrops before the main circle of the statue separates visitors from the outside world and allows them to be immersed in an educational experience to listen and read others’ stories and journeys. This is aimed to encourage more thoughtful and insightful views toward others, and kindness for community.

Featured Image: Thea Angella Tenorio, grade 12, Redwood High School, Larkspur, CA