Smridhi Mahajan, age 16
Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering, Rockaway, NJ

Whether it be at small gatherings or large events, my friends and I have suffered the effects of food allergies. Feeling left out during these times, combined with the potential of being in a life or death situation, makes living with a food allergy challenging and stressful. Protection Pendant is an anaphylaxis symptom detecting device that vibrates to alert its wearer to a low heart rate and constricted airway. A corresponding app provides details on the symptoms detected and helps the user make stress-free decisions that make them feel safer and more included while eating out. Through the symptom detection and customized menu features of Protection Pendant, 520 million people can stay healthier physically and mentally and lead less challenging lifestyles. This product also helps those unaware of their allergies, and by catering to a general audience, this wearable technology can be made easily accessible.

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