Eleanor Lewis, age 16, and Lizmar Torres, age 16
Design and Architecture Senior High, Miami, FL
Teacher: Eric Hankin

Residents of hospitals and assisted living centers are confined to their rooms, with little exposure to nature. This issue has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, as residents are under quarantine. Being distanced from nature is detrimental to mental and physical health because it lowers immune system response and serotonin levels. The welcoming curves of our Peace Pod imitate plant cell structures, the sunlight-simulating fixtures provide a calming glow, and the rolling seat is detachable from the pod using a button which accommodates wheelchairs and rolling beds. It utilizes hydroponic tanks, making it low maintenance, while providing users interaction with nature without leaving their room. This design uses bamboo and cork leather, which are sustainable and eco-friendly. These materials make the world a healthier place. It induces the restorative benefits of nature, as plants filter air, reduce stress (leading to faster recovery), improve mental and physical health, and create a peaceful environment by diffracting noise.

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