In 1942, Earl Silas Tupper produced the first flexible plastic container, a product that would become the foundation of a billion dollar global enterprise. Few companies have both saturated the marketplace and lined the shelves of major museums worldwide. Tupperware’s ethos is firmly rooted in Tupper’s quest to create products that married traditional American values of thrift with the new informal lifestyle of the postwar years. Tupper’s legacy of innovation has continued in lines such as the Premium Collection, featuring containers that open from the bottom to allow a “first-in, first-out” system of food storage, and the Instant Seal, which closes with a simple push on the center of the lid and is designed to meet the needs of the aging. Over the past sixty years, Tupperware’s success has stemmed not only from its design aesthetic but also from its strong brand position and the company’s unique kind of grassroots entrepreneurship – the Tupperware party.

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