Sergio Palleroni

Sergio Palleroni a research fellow at the Center for Sustainable Development at University of Texas at Austin, who runs ten-week-long design/build studios around the world in marginalized communities. Established in 1995 at the University of Washington, these pioneering design/build programs combine innovative architectural training with cross-cultural immersion, social activism, and environmental science. Students learn to use hands on construction and design skills, maximize locally available, recycled and inexpensive materials, and implement lighting and energy systems that help to reduce energy costs and promote conservation. In turn, communities mobilize indigenous resources and develop long-term practices that sustain cultural identity, dignity and stability. Design/build studios have been conducted nationally at sites in Washington, Montana and South Dakota, and across the globe in Mexico, Cuba and India. Students from the program at the University of Texas at Austin are currently working at design/build studios in Africa and Southeast Asia.

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