Chip Kidd

Recognized for his innovative work in both in the design and literary worlds, Chip Kidd has been creating book jackets for Alfred A. Knopf for over twenty years. His work has been honored by international awards and has helped spark a revolution in the art of American book packaging. Working in close collaboration with authors such as Cormac McCarthy, Orhan Pamuk, David Sedaris, Jay McInerney, and John Updike, Kidd’s distinctive design approach does not adhere to a particular style, but is rather guided by the content of each book and discovery of surprising images and relationships that compel the reader to look inside. Kidd has written about graphic design and popular culture and is an editor of comic books for Pantheon, a Knopf subsidiary. He was a finalist in this category in 2006 and his work is included in Cooper-Hewitt’s 2006 National Design Triennial.

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