In tandem with her artistic practice, Sheila Hicks has been engaged with the fields of architecture, design, and textile industry for over 50 years. Sketching Air is Hick’s latest commercial collaboration. Working with Momentum Textiles, she has created a collection of five patterned weaves (Sketching Air, Mapping Ideas, Painting Strokes, Drawing Lines, and Crossing Colors) with coordinating solids (Weaving Palettes). Sketching Air and Mapping Ideas are the final designs of the Crossing Colors collection.

Unlike her work from the 1960s, which was both hand-woven and designed at the loom, the Crossing Colors collection faithfully interprets drawings from Hicks’s Couleurs Croisées series of drawings. Working from the original drawings, Momentum took great care to preserve the evidence of the hand. The original art work for Sketching air was an oil pastel, which Momentum faithfully translated into a textile. The design comes in 13 colorways, all selected by Hicks.

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