I was drawn to this design for its use of common, mundane materials to create a contemporary rendering of a traditional pattern. As a kid, these insulated wires held a special fascination for me. Maybe it was the bright colors of the insulation or the fact that when bent it could hold a pose, but I always felt compelled to pick up bits of wire and twist it into funky shapes, or if already bent to straighten it out. Sometimes I just enjoyed pulling out the individual wires from the plastic casing. Now that electrical wires can beautify your home, and not just facilitate your lights and appliances, I will assume this fascination was not mine alone.

This design is captured with hi-resolution photography and digitally printed so the clarity is quite amazing. It creates this brilliant irregular stripe pattern with rainbow-colored electrical wires cascading over the wall. It is also reminiscent of bullion fringe with its slight twisting motion. It also brings to mind the drapery wallpapers of the early-to-mid nineteenth century, quite often printed with a high degree of realism to simulate the draping of silk satins and velvet. In the mid-twentieth century wallpaper designs of strung beads were quite fashionable though they were usually rendered in a more stylized manner and were more gestural than realistic. Here, the designers make no pretense about these elements being electrical wires as the coding and specs of individual wires are clearly visible.

And to make a good design even better Wired is environmentally friendly. It is printed on a PVC-free substrate containing 30% post-consumer waste, has low VOC emissions, and can be recycled after use.

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