This funky little chartreuse sample seems perfectly suited for an American mid-century interior. Woven by Helen Kroll Kramer between 1930-1958, it is composed of wool and rayon with contrasting bands of lime and pea green. Kramer is renowned as a successful 20th century artist and purveyor of handwoven textiles for upholstery and drapery. With her brother Boris, she established the firm “Cromwell” in New York City and enjoyed almost 25 years of fruitful commissions from interior designers and private clients alike. She was particularly interested in color and color combinations, and employed a keen and discerning skill for the way that textiles could influence an interior. During WWII Kramer established a weaving department at the Ashford General Hospital in West Virginia. She found it fulfilling to aid in the convalescence of veterans with both physical and mental injuries, and believed in the utility of weaving as a means of healing.

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