Deborah's work is a contemporary example of trompe l'oeil which has a very long history in wallcoverings. Many of the earliest wallpapers were imitations of textiles, stone and architectural elements. The photo montage technique and the designer’s invite to interact with the scene are very contemporary takes on the mural tradition.  Hooks and Frocks is printed in a gray scale with only the dresses picked out in bright colors. The garments, accessories and furnishings are all of an older vintage so the scene has a rather retro look, and the use of black and white photography further enhances this look. "Hooks and Frocks" can also be embellished with actual hooks from which can be hung additional garments and bags of the owner's choice as the designer encourages interaction for a more personalized look. 

The interior view also differs from the norm in that the familiarity of the objects draws you into the scene, while the disjointed nature of the photomontage makes you step back and take another look. The line where the wall meets the floor also varies between the left and right sides which may cause a little vertigo.

Deborah Bowness is a British artist/designer currently working in London. She studied surface pattern and textile design at the Leeds College of Art and Design and received an M.A. in printed textiles from the Royal College of Art in London.  She creates beautiful trompe l'oeil designs incorporating everyday objects and room vignettes which are printed in a monochromatic format with certain articles screen printed in color. She has a line of ready-made designs which includes "Hooks and Frocks" and also does private commissions for a very personalized paper. Even her ready-made designs encourage interaction for a more personalized look.

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