Grethe Sørensen is an artist and weaver who designs according to architectonic principles. Her interest in photography, cinematography, animation, optics and illusion is expressed in textiles which show a deep understanding of the weaving process, constantly exploring the interplay between two-dimensional surface and three-dimensional structure.

In Interferens, Sørensen recreates the optical effect obtained when two perforated plates are aligned in the view, and then shifted off center, as if by the movement of the viewer. Fascinating and disorienting patterns are formed when the light pierces the holes in the plates, and the eye struggles to distinguish the flat planes which create such a feeling of movement. This illusion is recreated in textile form by means of computer animation, where pictures of the plates are turned and twisted. The animations are converted to digital instructions for the loom, and are woven using single thread control, which gives the designer the freedom of unlimited repeat length. Grethe Sørensen and Kvadrat were awarded The AID +1 for Best New Product for Interferens at the Copenhagen International Furniture Fair in 2007.

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