Zerkalo is a rather surreal image, which challenges the historic associations of wallpaper. As promoted by manufacturers and the media, wallpaper is normally perceived to be warm and inviting, welcoming. Zerkalo keeps the viewer on the edge, as if being watched by the eye on the handbag, which is actually a framed work of art. Miras refers to this as creating "a dialogue between object and subject, a game between the observer and the observed." This imagery draws on mid-19th-century wallpaper designs where trompe l'oeil frames frequently contain printed or painted scenes.

Zerkalo was designed by Txell Miras, an up-and-coming fashion designer. She has a degree in fine arts from the University of Barcelona and a graduate degree in fashion design from the Domus Academy in Milan. She has won several awards for best young designer, including the Italian Chamber of Fashion award and the Lancôme award at Barcelona Fashion Week. Many of her designs are influenced by the arts, including literature and cinema.

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