This is the third year Cooper-Hewitt's Design Educators are going into New York City schools and leading free design workshops!  We are excited to bring in some new design challenges to the classrooms.  Registration is now available on-line for the 2013-2014 school year. 


Target Design K-12 Design in the Classroom is a single 45-minute visit to your classroom.  All K-12 teachers in NYC are eligible. Whether you teach social studies, or math, or even language arts, our hands-on exercises in teamwork and brainstorming will equip your students with new tools to take on challenges in any subject. The workshop focuses on introducing how design is part of the student’s everyday life.  In teams, students will solve a design challenge by creating a simple prototype.  All workshop materials are provided. 

Target Design K-12 is made possible by the generous support of  .

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