Collecting wallcoverings that are environmentally friendly is an area of great interest to me. Whether made from renewable resources or recycled materials, I appreciate when beautiful things can be made without adding undue stress on the environment. Made from 100% pre- and post-consumer recycled materials, the V2 wall tile by MIO, a company that creates sustainable and socially responsible products, is one of the first environmentally-friendly wallcoverings I discovered.

The V2 tiles are available in three colors including white, brown, and a grey made from recycled newspaper. The 12-inch-square shape of the tile allows for a lot of creativity when installing and makes it easy to create a unique interior. The tiles can be hung straight across or on the diagonal, and can also be rotated to mix up the pattern. After installing the tiles on the wall, they can be painted, stenciled, or left in their natural color. When they are no longer needed they can again be recycled.

V2 is a clever and versatile design that shows a new use of old materials. While the design is quite minimal and modern, it is also reminiscent of the highly-embossed papers, such as Anaglypta, that were all the rage in the late 19th century.

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