“Yay! Yay! PICNIC! PICNIC! PICNIC!” was my immediate reaction. This was before learning that the name of this piece is Picnic Flatware!

I can only imagine that anytime you use or even glance at this array of colorful characters that a picnic will automatically and instantaneously occur. It is happily unavoidable. These characters require neither a basket of food nor a park setting. On a winter’s day, just peek into the drawer or box where the picnic ware hibernates, where you think it is carefully stored, and the world changes, shifting into technicolor. If you are lucky, you just might catch these Hejdukian characters frolicking about, resplendent in their carnival attire. They are blatantly familial in hierarchy: papa bear, mama bear, and baby bears. Their anthropomorphic form is strangely, yet wonderfully, familiar. The rivets are delicate like a necklace or a bow tie securing the the head to the body, or perhaps forming a small face below a carnivalesque head piece.

These pieces are outrageously successful in celebrating, elevating, and transcending the every day. They are simply the joyful embodiment of picnic.

National Design Week is October 13-21.

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