One of the exciting aspects of Design with the Other 90%: Cities is the ability to connect the international themes of the exhibition to a New York setting. In our second DesignPrep workshop held at the United Nations, teens examined key issues highlighted in the exhibition. The workshop was an opportunity for teens to raise awareness about local issues through graphic design campaigns. Graphic designer and activist John Emerson led the workshop and tour of the exhibit. Teens identified features of successful graphic design campaigns and implemented those strategies in their own proposals. Students worked together in teams to brainstorm and refine their ideas. The final proposals were prototyped using iPad applications. Campaign topics ranged from issues relating to trash, school overcrowding, subway congestion and access to affordable prom attire.


Workshop leader John Emerson is an activist, graphic designer, writer, and programmer based in New York City. He has designed web sites, printed materials and motion graphics for leading media companies as well as local and international non-profit organizations. You can read more on his Social Design Notes blog.

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