Excitement lurked not too far behind their sleepy demeanors as this year’s Junior and Senior Scholars students embarked on a weekend of college touring starting at 7am Friday, April 8.

Our first stop included a visit to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A meeting with Scot Osterweil, Director of the Education Arcade at the MIT Media Lab, left students awe struck as they tested out games to promote learning. A stay in downtown Boston lent itself to some exploring before settling down for the day. The weekend continued with a trip to Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The Scholars were provided an information session and campus tour—from the glass blowing and graphic design studio to the fashion workshop and architectural studio. The last stop of our trip included an in-depth tour of the Rhode Island School of Art and Design and the breathtaking campus and opportunities the school has to offer. With a multitude of information to reflect on, the students concluded the trip with a new found vigor for applying to college and pursuing a design career!

One thought on “Scholars: 2011 College Campus Tour

I am planning to enter the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, I hope to be a student next year, I read the article with interest.

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