On Wednesday, May 4, 2011, come see Branko Lukic, of Nonobject studio, in conversation with Bill Moggridge.

Within the world of product design, only a few lone voices have dared to challenge the reductive dogma that form follows function. Included in this group of visionary individuals is Branko Lukic, founder and principal of Nonobject Studio. Nonobject’s design philosophy presents an entirely new way of developing and experiencing the world of objects, which totally refreshes our relationship with them. The studio’s startling yet intuitive insights can inspire people far beyond the worlds of design and architecture, including those engaged in business, education, medicine, product development, science and research, and virtually any field of endeavor. Nonobject addresses the intangible space that can exist between people and objects—both physical and digital—by creating objects that fill us with surprise and delight.