As the Smithsonian’s National Design Museum, Cooper-Hewitt seeks to acquire the best examples of industrial design, and much of the permanent collection has been built through the generosity of donors. The Museum would like to invite the public to help expand its holdings of products by Apple, one of the country’s most important and influential design firms.

We are looking for donations of the Apple products listed below. The products must be in excellent condition, with original parts and power cords or batteries. All donors will be listed on the credit line whenever the works are displayed or published. If you have one of the products below and would like to donate it, please contact Cynthia Trope, Associate Curator of Product Design and Decorative Arts, at to discuss arrangements. Many thanks for your help!

Apple wish list:
iBook (2001, white)
iMac G5 (2004)
Macbook Pro (2006)
Macbook Air (2008)

2 thoughts on “WANTED: Apple products for the National Design Museum’s Collection

This is an old post. Is this still the correct contact info for this matter, and is the museum still interested in acquiring this type of item???

Thank you for your inquiry!
Yes, we are still actively collecting Apple products.
If you are interested in donating, please send an image and note the condition. Thank you!

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