The show was conceived to begin a conversation and provoke discussion about the broad range of ways various organizations and individuals are addressing the underpinnings of poverty through design innovations. The selected objects tell a story and are windows into the numerous ways these groups are providing direct solutions. This blog will allow the discussion to broaden and to include other interesting and impactful work. One “new” old technology, the rope pump can supply water for 500 people per pump. They are easy to produce and repair by local blacksmiths with local materials which guarantees a “profit-based sustainability”. A Dutch group Practica is reintroducing a “new” old technology in African countries with increasing success. They have found that Zimbabwe may reach the water Millenium Development Goals with the rope pump. World wide there are an estimated 70,000 rope pumps in use. There is high cultural acceptance of the rope pumps – over piston pumps – because of its simplicity, low cost, high efficiency and durability, and high pump volume.

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