Interaction Design

black and white photo of a young woman holding a 1980's-looking handheld camcorder.
Remembering Red Burns (1925-2013)
Cooper-Hewitt mourns the loss of Red Burns, who was a pioneering force in shaping the interactive media world as a designer and educator. The museum was proud to honor Red with the Design Patron award last year, in recognition of her outstanding support and patronage within the design community. Burns was an arts professor and...
DesignPrep: Curating Interaction Design
From cutting-edge karaoke to interactive chair mazes, students envision museum exhibitions of the future. On February 13, DesignPrep students met for their final of four sessions with Angela Chen and Erika Tarte, professional interaction and graphic designers from the firm Local Projects, to present their ideas developed over the prior three weeks. Inspired by works...
DesignPrep Scholars: Prototyping Interactive Experiences for the Cooper-Hewitt
Interaction design is not just about the way an individual interacts with his or her surroundings, it is about bringing people together and starting conversations. On February 4th at Cooper-Hewitt’s uptown Design Center, this was the theme for our group of Design Scholars’ most recent workshop. We held our first meeting with a few user...
4 Questions 4: Kevin Palmer
Kevin Palmer, founding partner of Kin Design, recently stopped by Cooper-Hewitt for a chat. Seated in the beautiful North Reading Room of the National Design Library, we asked him four questions about starting his business, designing for the museum context, and a new definition of craftsmanship for digital designs.
2011 National Design Awards: Interaction Design Award – Ben Fry
The winner of the 2011 Interaction Design Award is Ben Fry. Ben pursues a long-held fascination with visualizing data and creating tools for interaction design, most notably Processing, co-developed with Casey Reas. Ben has developed software, printed works, installations, and books that depict and explain topics from the human genome to the evolution of text...
The GRiD Compass Laptop and the Space Shuttle
Having grown up with the “space race” as a national preoccupation for so many years – which provided not only a stage for scientific exploration but also for some the twentieth century’s most notable technological developments – I find it hard to believe that the Space Shuttle just completed its 130th and final mission. As...
Tangible Tuesdays: Interactive Sneakers
The Megalizer is a sneaker that could put a few DJs out of business. The nearly invisible system of hardware and software allows a dancer to create live music with his shoes. The device uses Flash and Processing software, an xBee wireless module, and force sensors. Engineer Didier Brun wrote this blog post explaining his...
Tangible Tuesdays: M-Dress
Cutecircuit’s M-Dress is a concept for a silk jersey dress that integrates a mobile phone. “Stay connected while remaining stylish.” Insert your SIM card in the slot underneath the label, and the dress will use your existing phone number. A sensor in the sleeve answers calls automatically when the wearer lifts an arm to the...
Designing Media – Bob Mason with Jeremy Merle
This is the fourth interview in Chapter 3 in my new book, Designing Media Bob Mason & Jeremy Merle, November 2008 Bob Mason cofounded Brightcove in 2004 with Jeremy Allaire. They saw the possibility of a complete end-to-end solution to deliver video from any creator to any customer, across diverse devices, allowing content owners to...