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Courtesy of Sri Threads
Boro and Other Japanese Recycled Wonders
Textile expert Stephen Szczepanek, owner of the textile gallery Sri, shares his knowledge about the remarkable recycling practices that were deeply embedded in Japanese folk culture.
Gothic in Gray
The ornate pulpit of a ruined monastery forms the focus of this Gothic revival sidewall. The scene is bordered on either side by a large pillar with what could be a spiral staircase wrapped around it. Done in subdued monochrome, the detailing of the pulpit is beautifully done as is the gradation of color in...
The Cobra
There is no questioning the significance to twentieth-century industrial design of the Ericofon telephone, whose one-piece design makes it a predecessor of both cordless telephones and cell phones. Introduced in the United States in 1956, the Ericofon was originally conceived by Ralph Lysell in 1941 and was redesigned by Lysell, Hans Gösta Thames, and Hugo Blomberg for...
Textile, 1840, USA, cotton printed by engraved roller, Bequest of Elinor Merrell, 1995-50-200
The Fabric of a Campaign
The election of 1840 is considered to be the first modern political campaign – the catchy slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too” lingers in the public consciousness 175 years later. It refers to Whig party candidate William Henry Harrison’s early military victory over the Shawneee Indians at the battle of Tippecanoe, which the party used to...
This is the last of six posters in the Flocking Diplomats series by Joris Maltha and Daniel Gross, founders of design firm Catalogtree.  Each poster in the series of information graphics is a different visual representation of the same set of data, allowing the viewer to engage with the information through a different lens each time.  Posters focus...
Pattern Play
Alexander Girard was one of the most prolific interior architects of the twentieth century, one who expressed his enthusiasm for design through his vibrant use of color. Believing that modernism did not equate with the use of drab colors, he incorporated bright hues and bold geometric patterns into his designs. He developed an exciting fabric line for...
Border, 1955
A Cozy Kitchen Paper
A coffee pot, a water pump, a cast iron stove, and fish are just some of the things scattered along the length of this border. They are done in a strong graphic style, and they float haphazardly against a collection of irregular polygons in yellow, green, brown, and red, the same colors used to highlight...
Textile, "Feathers," 1961, designed by Alexander Hayden Girard (American, 1907–1993), manufactured by Herman Miller Textiles, screen printed on cotton plain weave, Museum purchase from General Acquisitions Endowment Fund, 2015-20-1
Color Transparency
Alexander Girard was the head of the Textile Division of Herman Miller Inc. from 1952 to 1973. During this time, he created over three hundred designs for textiles coordinated for use as upholstery fabrics and draperies for private and commercial interiors, exhibitions and corporate identity programs. His exuberant use of color, texture and pattern drew...
Rand Dancer
Dancer on Orange Ground
Dancer on Orange Ground  is a poster designed by acclaimed graphic designer Paul Rand (American, 1914-1996) in 1939. The poster is taken from the March 1939 cover of Direction magazine, an avant-garde publication that Rand began contributing to that year. Rand is most widely known from his time as the art director of Esquire from...