Author: Micah Walter

Neon strands of light sprawling across a black backdrop, loosely evoking the shape of the USA
The Future of Design Lecture with Bruce Mau
A glass case with wooden architectural models inside. a hand reaches toward the label beside the case, holding an oversized black pen, as if to touch the label with the eraser side of the pen.
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green plastic vase or urn with complex geometric striations all over the surface.
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The collaboration with notNeutral, four strong, graphic, black and white patterns adorn the perfect mug
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Matchsafe, In This Youll Find a Match, ca. 1890
Matches seem almost trivial to us in 2014. However, carrying matches was once a novelty and feat of man’s ability to harness instantaneous fire.  Gas-powered lighters and safety matches in matchboxes were not available on a wide scale until the 1930s. Wooden friction matches were first invented about a hundred years earlier, but were fickle...
a cluster of red thumbprints on the left and black thumbprints on the right. Text beneath says "Sent from a device with tiny keys."
Happy Holidays
This holiday greeting was designed by Paula Scher, winner of the 2013 National Design Award for Communication Design. Scher has been at the forefront of graphic design for four decades. Iconic, smart, and accessible, her images are part of the American vernacular. Known for her reimagining of typography as a communicative medium, she has said,...
grinning man standing inside an ornate picture frame holding a photo of a mansion.
Meet the Staff: Mathew Weaver
Can you explain a little bit about the type of work you do? I work in the exhibition department setting up the museum’s shows. I mat and frame all of the artwork for display and make custom book mounts. Sometimes I travel to set up Cooper-Hewitt’s exhibitions in other cities. What do you enjoy most...
five gloved adults standing around a large ornate piece of metal, apparently very old and protected with tissue and styrofoam.
Collection Storage Milestone
As a component of Cooper-Hewitt’s renovation and expansion of  the Carnegie Mansion galleries, the Museum’s collection of 217,000 objects has been moved to an off-site facility, which includes collections storage areas, an objects conservation lab, and a photography studio. This past month, the staff of Cooper-Hewitt rounded another major milestone of this multi-year, multi-faceted project...