Spread Your Wings
Santiago Calatrava’s work explores the significance of place and its human context by considering both topographical and cultural landscapes. In this sense, Calatrava believes that it is fundamental to form a relationship – a feeling and sense of spirituality – with a physical site. In the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on...
Photograph of a 2-story glowing, lantern-like blue cylinder with pink cherry blossoms inside next to the dimly lit paneled wood staircase of Cooper Hewitt’s front hall. A blurry image of a person walks up staircase at mid-height of the cylinder, and diffused rose-colored light glows through a window on the visible second story.
Subway Success
Subway car interior I lived in New York for a few months in 1965, when people were afraid to stand on a station platform alone, or board a train without protection from friends, and there was a police officer in every car. What a contrast from this week, when I rode the Lexington Avenue Express...