Sir John Soane

depicting the temple in its semi-ruined state as visible in the 18th and early nineteenth centuries, showing the circular section building with columns ringing a central core, supporting an upper moulding
Cork for more than Wine–The Temple of Vesta, Tivoli
The Temple of Vesta in Tivoli is one of the most illustrated and visited of the ruins of antiquity. It featured heavily in paintings and engravings as well as being the subject of model making. One important example, is a cork model a recent addition to the models collection at Cooper Hewitt, made in either...
the circular building with rusticated lower tier supporting set back upper tier with double columns between window bays, alternating blind and paned windows, surmounted by a domed top with finials around and a spire above, all replicating the Radcliffe Camera building in Oxford England.
An Epicenter of Learning: The Radcliffe Camera
Anyone who has seen Inspector Morse or Lewis pursue the latest murder in the academic city of Oxford, England, will recognize this beacon of academia rising up amidst the Gothic colleges of Oxford University. Centrally located it is an important architectural landmark, designed in baroque style with Palladian elements to be the university’s Radcliffe Science...