Sarah Perry

Image features a wallpaper with a pattern of insect wings printed in black on a bright blue ground. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Winging It
In celebration of Women’s History Month, March Object of the Day posts highlight women designers in the collection. Here is a simple wallpaper pattern, a repeating design of insect wings, that I find amusing. You know, those pesky things you might find on your window sill or picnic table during the summer months, that you...
Kindly Put Those Bug Wings on the Wall
This all-over pattern of bug wings, possibly the common house fly, makes an unusual design for a wallpaper. Insects are actually a rather common motif on papers, usually representing nature, or possibly a butterfly symbolizing Psyche. And I know butterfly and moth wings have long been used to create beautiful iridescent accents on decorative objects...