woman standing inside a picture frame holding an ornate walking stick.
Meet the Staff: Kim Hawkins
Can you explain a little bit about the type of work you do? It’s often been said that people have a checkered past…well mine is more like a paisley one. I’ve done a little of a lot of things and I bring all that to bear here. I’m like the utility person, Jill of all...
Quicktake: Rodarte – Behind the Scenes Part 2
Before any mannequin dressing begins, proper museum protocol regarding the intake of objects must be followed. The process generally goes like this: First, the boxes or crates are opened in a clean and secure gallery or room that has environmental controls (including a specific relative humidity and temperature). The entire uncrating process is always photographed,...
Full Circle
Though we knew that we may find it tough to ship several of the objects, our registrars and exhibitions department have had to make extraordinary efforts to make arrangements to bring objects from remote areas around the world. In the beginning of March we received an email from Nigeria. Mohammed Bah Abba, the designer of...