By the People, By Other Means
Brooklyn-based graphic design studio Other Means discusses designing the book that accompanies the exhibition and their approach to "American" design.
Smiling woman holding a book with colorful die-cut pages.
Meet the Staff: Pamela Horn
Can you explain a little bit about the type of work you do? I develop content for publication in multiple formats: print books, ebooks, magazines, blog posts, web content, in gallery interactives, and as exhibition labels. What do you enjoy most about your work? The collaboration among the various departments at the museum. I adore...
Designing Media – James Truman
This is the fourth in a series of posts about my new book, Designing Media James Truman, December 2008 I was lucky to be able to interview James Truman in Napa Valley, not so far away from my home base, where he was staying in a visitor’s cottage on the Francis Ford Coppola estate. He...
Book Choice – The Story of Eames Furniture
Two Volume Set, The Story of Eames Furniture This is my favorite design book from 2010. Yes, it’s huge! That’s a twelve inch ruler in the photo. It runs to 800 gloriously printed pages containing over 2,500 images, with a sturdy box to protect the volumes. Congratulations to Gestalten for such a superb production! And...
It’s a Magazine, It’s a Book, It’s a Mook
The magazine Make, featured in Design Life Now, bills itself as a “mook,” a hybrid between a book and a magazine. The smallish paperback size recalls Popular Mechanics from the 1950s. The publishers of Make are using the same format concept for their new magazine Craft:. Why the book format? Nostalgia aside, these bookish little...