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Exhibition Posters as Art
In 2005, artist Liam Gillick was disappointed by the poster originally designed and displayed by Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris on the occasion of his exhibition Texte court sur la possibilité de créer une véritable économie de l’équivalence [Short text on the possibility of creating an equivalence economy]. Gillick personally commissioned M/M (Paris) to...
Poster, Jetztmusik Festival, 2014. Designed by Götz Gramlich. Animated gif. Courtesy of the designer.
The Animated Poster
As digital screens become increasingly prevalent, the printed poster has taken on new roles. For his commemoration of the transition from summer to fall in his poster Herbstzeitlose (Autumn Crocus), Götz Gramlich created both a digital animation and a screenprinted poster around the same design concept. In the animation, the letters peel away one by...
The Rise of Risography
Risography was invented in the 1980s in Japan as a cheaper alternative to xerography for small businesses. The machine is similar in appearance to a photocopier, but as a form of stencil duplication, it is akin as a printing method to screenprint. An image, designed to print one color at a time, is cut into...