Image features gold toned metal brooch with red white and blue enamel and glass paste decoration depicting the great seal of the United States: a shield supported by a bald eagle, wings and legs outstretched, holding a scroll in its beak with the motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and grasping an olive branch in its right talon and a bundle of arrows in its left talon; above its head a scalloped blue circle with 6 glass pastes and gold toned surround. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
A Celebration of Unity, Sweetheart Jewelry from the World War II Era
This U.S. insignia brooch by Trifari dates back to 1945, and is made from gilded metal and glass. Wearing a pin designed after the country’s seal was an opportunity for women to express their patriotism, especially in 1945, a time marked by victory in Europe and Japan. This brooch is part of a wider trend...
Gold brooch with oval carved sapphire cameo of Cybelle or Isis (or the Personification of Italy) seated on a throne; framed by sapphires, diamonds, and pendant with sapphire drop in gold; mounting with ruby and emerald chips.
Patriotism through Historicism
The Castellani jewelry firm (1814 – 1927) became known for its “Italian Archaeological jewelry,”[1] which consisted of copies and imitations of Roman, Greek, and Etruscan jewelry. The firm’s works in this style became especially popular starting in the 1850s due to a rise in nationalism as a result of efforts to unify Italy, though they...