What Would William Morris Think?
Whatever would William Morris think? How would he feel seeing how this clever sidewall takes his beloved wallpaper design (the first he ever created) and stylizes it into a series of dots? Whether it brings to mind the Ben Day dots used in comic books or an LED display, the result seems to have been...
A Rockefeller Relic
From our archives, an Object of the Day on the Japonism-inspired wallpaper that was once installed in the Rockefeller mansion formerly at 4 West 54th Street in New York City.
Checkmate for the State
Take one look at these chess pieces and you’ll notice that they are not your typical roundup of pawns, knights, and rooks. These exquisitely hand-painted figures have distinct personalities and the subsets on either side are the board have decidedly opposite characterizations. Among the red pieces, representing the Communists, the harvester pawns assume prepared positions....
Pioneers of Change: New Collaborations
Pioneers of Change celebrates the blurring of low- and high brow, questioning the difference between the design world and the normal world. How can non-professionals play an intricate role in realizing creative projects? Moderator: Julie Iovine, Executive Editor Architects Newspaper Panelists: Jake Barton, Local Projects Pascale Gatzen, Painted Arne Hendriks, Platform 21 Scott Stowell, Open
Pioneers of Change
Yesterday I attended the kick-off event for Pioneers of Change, a festival of modern Dutch design, fashion, and architecture that is currently underway on Governor’s Island. Presented to celebrate the 400-year history of Dutch-American friendship, Pioneers of Change features installations by a number of leading Dutch designers in eleven former Officers’ houses at Nolan Park...