Behind the Scenes: National Design Awards Jury 2014
How does the National Design Award Jury choose the big winners? Find out in this short video featuring 2014 Jurors Bruce Mau, Kate Aronowitz, Celerie Kemble, Lucinda Sanders, Tom Kundig, Eric Anderson, Ivan Poupyrev, Armin Vit and Anna Sui.
Behind the Scenes: National Design Awards 2013 Jury
Take a look behind the scenes at the National Design Award Jury process. Hear our 2013 Jurors describe how winners get selected, what it's like to be a part of the Jury, and all the surprises along the way. The 2013 Jury: Charles Adler (Kickstarter) Gail Anderson (Anderson Newton Design) Gisue Hariri (Hariri & Hariri...
2010 National Design Awards
Design Research Store, Cambridge, MA, 1953–78. Photo: Esto Today Cooper-Hewitt announced the winners of the 11th annual National Design Awards. The entire list of winners and finalists is here. One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to sit in and observe (without voting) the jury process as they determine the winners...
Design: Creativity in Service of Others
As a member of the 2009 National Design Awards Jury, let me first and foremost congratulate all of the winners and finalists. It was an exciting, exhausting, and inspiring process to review all the submissions and debate the merits and accomplishments of each. As a designer who has spent most of my career in the...