Josef Albers

Mirror, mirror on the wall; which is the bluest of them all?
Everyone has a favorite color, but how often are our conscious thoughts trained on those inclinations for various tints and hues? Our careless observation of the essentials of design was of paramount importance to Josef Albers, a German artist and color theorist whose lessons at the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College, and Yale focused on overcoming...
Closeup of a woman's face in orange and red/pink halftone print. In blue/grey text on woman's sunglasses, "The Chambers Bros" (left lens) and date/location of event (right lens). Thin solid border in same blue/grey as the text, inside a red outer-border.
Good Vibrations
Stare into the electric blue shades of this woman’s sunglasses and what do you see?  Even if you know what you are looking for, the blue letterforms come together to form coherent words only with sustained visual focus.  If you were to advertise a concert that you wanted people to come to, would you make...