Image features a large, mottled-blue irregularly shaped plastic vessel tapering to a narrow neck with a circular mouth. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Big, Blue, and Bioplastic
Designers Rutger de Regt and Marlies van Putten, the principals of Handmade Industrials, are both inspired and concerned by today’s production processes that are increasingly driven by computers. They ask, are we reducing or removing the presence of human experience and experimentation in manufacturing? Are we losing touch with our environment—is it becoming increasingly artificial?...
Design Solutions for Curbing Textile Waste
Panel discussion presenting three Scraps designers’ approaches to the shockingly high human and environmental costs of textile and apparel production.
Hanging lamp in the form of a large clear glass incandescent light bulb, the globe surrounded by a transluscent white plastic band from which project eight colorful, realistic figures of winged insects seemingly in flight around the bulb; halogen light source suspended from brass fitting in center of bulb-shaped globe.
A Little Bit of Spring
With the days growing longer and colder, reminders of summer are always welcome.  The whimsical design of the J.B. Schmetterling lamp designed by Ingo Maurer and Axel Schmid, with its realistic-looking insects and butterflies, brings nature to an indoor environment. Produced in 2011, the J.B. Schmetterling lamp is a limited edition art piece. The lamp...
Felt at ICFF
1. I was delighted to see that Lerival – Furniture by Architects is carrying Morehead & Morehead’s brilliant Felt Stool (1). This is currently produced in synthetic automotive felt, which is the only reason I didn’t include it in Fashioning Felt. Otherwise its simple folded form says, in brief, everything I love about felt.  ...