Image features a square ceramic tile with the large image of a fly seen from above, rendered in back and green glazes on a white ground. Please scroll down to read the blog about this object.
Pretty Fly for a Tea Tile
Author: Victoria Jenssen I grew up with Carol Janeway’s animal-themed tiles in my parents’ home, but only since my parents’ death at the turn of this century did I start researching Janeway’s career. My family’s amusing tiles were leftovers from my father’s career of the post-war 1940s when he crafted Janeway-designed hardwood frames for her...
Kindly Put Those Bug Wings on the Wall
This all-over pattern of bug wings, possibly the common house fly, makes an unusual design for a wallpaper. Insects are actually a rather common motif on papers, usually representing nature, or possibly a butterfly symbolizing Psyche. And I know butterfly and moth wings have long been used to create beautiful iridescent accents on decorative objects...