fiber art

The Morse Lecture | Local Quality, Global Scope–Saving Color Through Tacit Knowledge
Designer Claudy Jongstra presents the in-depth knowledge of experimenting and working with products from the land.
A Textile You Probably Shouldn’t Touch
Though Mary Walker Phillips is recognized as an American fiber artist responsible for elevating the crafts of knitting and macramé to the realm of fine art, she was first and foremost, a weaver – and a wonderful one at that. This sample from 1960 appears simultaneously structurally precarious and visually charming. It is composed of...
Drawing in Air
Lenore Tawney was a transformative figure in the fiber arts movement, but she studied sculpture before turning to weaving, and moved seamlessly between the two. The improvisational nature of her weaving rejected the grid imposed by the loom, emphasizing the individual trajectory of each thread. Vitae showcases one of her major technical innovations: the “open...