Summer Straw
Sample books, originally created for commercial, educational, or scientific purposes, have become valuable guides to understanding the products, technological processes, materials, aesthetics, provenance, and use of objects manufactured in the past. Both the Museum and Design Library have extensive collections of sample books containing diverse groups of samples ranging from paint chips to lace. This...
Vitamin Suisse
At first glance, this necklace catches the light and each individual bead shimmers like a mirror. Upon closer inspection, however, it is discovered that instead of beads, it is made up of small square pieces of medical pill blister packages, each loosely woven on thin, metal wire. This necklace was designed by Verena Sieber-Fuchs, a...
Image of panel discussion from Stepping Out Fashion in the 1920s
Stepping Out: 1920s Fashion
In conjunction with The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s, a Design Talk with fashion historians Caroline Milbank and Jan Reeder on the revolutionary fashion trends that marked the era, with special emphasis on style in New York and the influence of Paris.
Scraps: Resource List
Online resources on sustainable textiles and fashion.
Plastic Virtue
Lea Stein’s laminated celluloid jewelry designs joyously celebrate the materiality of plastic. Fusing together thin sheets of brightly colored acetate to create elaborately layered designs—seen here in this bracelet from 1970—Stein and her husband, Ferdinand Steinberger, developed this process in the late 1960s. Steinberger was a chemist who invented this new chemical process, which allowed...
Green Glossary: G for Greenwashing
Many fashion companies claim to be "green," but are they really?
Infographic: Where Do Our Unwanted Clothes Go?
What happens to all of our clothes after we no longer want them?
Starry Indigo
Starry Indigo embodies two vital Japanese textile traditions which derive from the kimono: indigo dyeing which can achieve the darkest and lightest of blues through repeated dipping in the dye vat, and woven silk accentuated by luxurious metallic coated washi thread (silver in Starry Indigo). The appearance of starlets twinkling in a midnight blue sky...
Textile Waste Comes in Many Forms
What defines pre-consumer textile waste?