Education and Industry
This textile sample was designed and woven by Marianne Strengell, one of the most important textile artists and educators of the 20th century. Strengell employs a moody palette of blue, violets and blacks, punctuated with a metallic sheen reminiscent of stars emerging at twilight. The warp is composed of wool and rayon, with linen, lurex,...
Learning by Design – Keynote, Meredith Davis
Design educator Meredith Davis describes design-based education and provides examples of how it can be used in the classroom to meet local and state standards. She also presents evidence from various studies to prove the success of design-based education in meeting education goals and engaging students.
But is it craft?
The makers of Make, the techie-geek D.I.Y. magazine featured in the Triennial, have a new publication out, now in its third issue, called Craft:. This hip and beautiful little zine got me thinking about the craft revolution, which has reinvigorated the lives of design professionals as well as the lives of a vast and passionate...