Hurdy-Gurdy Man
At first glance, this porcelain figure is an ordinary jovial musician. He may even seem well dressed, with his bright red jacket and white cravat knotted at the neck. But a closer look exposes the torn breeches, ripped shoulder and scraggly hair. The last point drives home that this is no gentleman. During the eighteenth...
Target Design K12: Sign up Today!
Target Design K12: Design In The Classroom is a unique, FREE program for K-12 teachers in New York City. The Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum will come to you for a 45 minute session that’s adaptable to any subject area. A special focus on teamwork, brainstorming and problem-solving through design thinking will equip your students with...
Designing Media – Alexandra Juhasz
This is the third interview in Chapter 3 in my new book, Designing Media Alexandra Juhasz, October 2008 Alexandra Juhasz is a professor of media studies at Pitzer College in California, where she teaches video production, film and video theory. She has given a lot of thought to the social impact of YouTube. She teaches...