Hand-woven red wild silk robe with vertical stripes of supplementary warp patterning of small geometric motifs in golden yellow, banded by narrow stripes of blue, yellow, and green. Neck bands made of two Chinese brocaded silks, one blue with flowers and the other gold with dragons. Lined with heavy off-white twill. Black tie at side. The robe is gored to produce fullness, with a standing collar and asymmetrical closure. The set-in sleeves are very wide at the shoulder and taper sharply to the wrist, which is worn turned back. The robe is worn looped up at waist and gathered tightly at back, which produces a pouch-like area, at front.
A Bhutanese Design
Author: Susan Bean In celebration of the third annual New York Textile Month, members of the Textile Society of America will author Object of the Day for the month of September. A non-profit professional organization of scholars, educators, and artists in the field of textiles, TSA provides an international forum for the exchange and dissemination...