Image features a cut and folded white paper sphere that sits upright upon the center fold of a piece of paper. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Kirigami Intricacies: More than Folding Paper
In celebration of The Senses: Design Beyond Vision, this Object of the Day post takes a multisensory approach to an object in Cooper Hewitt’s permanent collection. This cut and folded paper sphere created by Masahiro Chatani in 1980 is a complex example of “origamic architecture,” a type of kirigami (切り紙)—from the words kiru (to cut)...
Design Imitates Life – Andrew Jimenez of Pixar
Andrew Jimenez is Director of Short groups at Pixar Animation Studios. Together with Brad Bird, Andy developed the use of pre-visualization 2D and 3d storyboard animatics, a technique utilized on both films.