Membership FAQ

How do I visit the museum and access the exhibitions?

When you arrive, check in at the Visitor Experience desk in the Great Hall and give your name for admission. Members do not need to make a reservation.

Are Masks Required?

Visitors are not required to wear masks while indoors, however they are highly recommended.

Who qualifies for a student membership?

To become a student member, you must be enrolled full time at a high school or college/university.

Who qualifies for a senior membership?

To become a senior member, you must be aged 62 years or older.

How can I become a Cooper Hewitt member?

For fastest processing, join online.

To speak with the Membership Office directly, call 212.849.8349 or email

Alternatively, you may send a check to:

Cooper Hewitt Membership
2 East 91st Street
New York, NY

May I loan my membership card to a friend?

Memberships are not transferable.

When should I expect to receive my membership card?

Membership cards are currently subject to delayed processing, but systems improvements are in process to deliver them soon.

What discounts are available for members?

Members enjoy a 10% discount at the cafe and SHOP Cooper Hewitt. Additional discounts to neighborhood businesses are listed on our discount page.

Is my membership gift tax deductible?

A portion of your membership gift is tax-deductible. Please see below for a schedule of the fair market value at each level, and please consult your tax advisor:

$65 Senior/Student/Disability – $45 tax-deductible
$75 Individual – $55 tax-deductible
$110 Dual Senior/Student/Disability – $90 tax-deductible
$125 Dual/Household – $105 tax-deductible
$350 Design Insider – $195 tax-deductible
$750 Design Advocate- $565 tax-deductible
$1,500 Global Design – $1,250 tax-deductible
$2,500 Design Circle – $1,675 tax-deductible
$5,000 Curator’s Circle – $4,175 tax-deductible
$10,000 Director’s Circle – $9,120 tax-deductible

Do you make accommodations for people with disabilities?

We believe membership is for all and make accommodations for people with disabilities including accessible entrances, elevators, and large print exhibition labels. For personal requests or questions please call 212.849.8349 or email

Does my Cooper Hewitt membership allow me to access other museums?

Cooper Hewitt Members at the Design Insider level ($350) and above enjoy access to the North American Reciprocal Museum Association (NARM) 300+ museums across the country.

Please refer to reciprocating museum policy for entry details.

We are a library with a membership At the museum, do you accept print-on-demand passes?

We gladly accept print-on-demand passes generated by your library’s  catalog system.