Peter A. Krueger Virtual Internships | Summer 2022

Aerial view of Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum located in the former residence of Andrew Carnegie. Read below for information about the museum's hours and admission prices.


The conservation  department consists of four specialities: objects, textiles, paper, and digital conservation, plus mounting, matting and framing. All members of the department are tasked with the preservation of the collection, which includes examination to establish condition, technical study, advising on safe storage and display, as well as larger museum environmental monitoring. Conservators work both at the museum and in our offsite facility in Newark, NJ. Staff research varies widely, and includes topics like plastics coatings on textiles, questions related to porcelain manufacturing in Europe, and much more.

The intern will be introduced to conservation overall through remote presentations and discussions. Research goals for the summer of 2022 focus on supporting a larger investigation of 18th Century European porcelain manufacturing. This work is in partnership with a conservation scientist at the Museum Conservation Institute, and the intern will be part of multiple cross-unit meetings to establish reasonable goals and the working timeline for the project.  Specific tasks include assistance with data organization, assessment of samples and their location on objects including refinement of data presentation, and research into the required steps on an experimental protocol under development.   

Skills and Qualifications:   

  • Strong science and art/art history background
  • Interest in European decorative arts
  • Comfortability in a scientific laboratory setting

All Peter A. Krueger Internships will be virtual in 2022 regardless of museum operating status.

curatorial internship

The Curatorial department generates the content that fills Cooper Hewitt’s galleries and can be experienced by walking through exhibitions, reading museum publications and perusing online.  Curatorial practice is centered on ideas and research, using objects, themes, and people to tell stories.  Curators are responsible for studying objects in and acquiring new objects for the museum’s permanent collection, exploring design themes and processes, and engaging with living and historic designers.  In doing so, curators build narratives that offer distinct perspectives, new contexts and seek to generate meaningful dialogue and experiences.

The intern will work with curator on the upcoming Designing Peace exhibition, which opens June 2022. This project will build on the curator’s previous series of exhibitions, which explore how design—at every scale, in all parts of the world—can address some of our most vexing issues. This enquiry considers one of the world’s biggest challenges, asking how designers, individuals, communities, peace builders and keepers might address growing divisions and design for peace. The intern will work with the curator on the Designing Peace online exhibition and social media content.

In addition, the intern will research socially responsible design(s) for possible inclusion in the museum’s collection.

Skills and Qualifications:   

  • Art, design, and/or architecture background
  • Interests in socially engaged work in cultural institutions
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel

All Peter A. Krueger Internships will be virtual in 2022 regardless of museum operating status.



The Communications and Marketing Department raises public awareness about Cooper Hewitt’s exhibitions and public programs through public relations, social media, marketing and advertising initiatives.  

As a part of the Communications and Marketing team, the graphic design intern will collaborate with many different departments and experience the design process from plan to execution. An internship will offer an opportunity to produce graphic design materials to promote Cooper Hewitt as a contemporary local, national, and international design resource for its target audiences.  

The intern will help implement design systems and guidelines for visual communications that extend and complement the Cooper Hewitt brand identity and ensure consistency of the museum’s identity and brand on all digital and print pieces.  

Skills and Qualifications:   

  • Strong graphic design portfolio 
  • Excellent computer skills, including Adobe Creative Suite, HTML/CSS/JS, MS Office 
  • Understanding of WordPress and MailChimp theming/templating environments 
  • Working knowledge of various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, is required.  
  • Animation skills are a plus. 

All Peter A. Krueger Internships will be virtual in 2022 regardless of museum operating status.



Featured Image: Aerial view of Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum located in the former residence of Andrew Carnegie