Welcome to the verbal description audio tour of Give Me a Sign: The Language of Symbols. This tour is designed as an independent experience for visitors who are blind or who have low vision. It includes verbal description of many of the objects on display, as well as directional information to help you find your way through the galleries.

The tour is in six parts, one for each gallery. Each part is listed below as its own audio file, and you can click through them in order as you move through the galleries, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page, where there is a playlist that will play all the parts back-to-back. There is a transcript linked beneath each part of the tour.

If you have questions or feedback about this tour, please email CHAccess@si.edu or call 212-849-8384.

Part 1 – Welcome!

Part 2 – Gallery 105

Part 3 – Gallery 106

Part 4 – Gallery 107

Part 5 – Gallery 108

Part 6 – Conservatory

Audio Tour Playlist