Using the Pen

To ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff, interactive technologies—including the Pen and touch screens—are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How to Use the Pen

When you visit Cooper Hewitt, museum staff will hand you a Pen at the admissions desk and explain how to use it by following these simple steps:

  • Use the pointed end to draw on interactive tables.
  • Use the flat end to save: align the collect symbols and press.
  • When you are ready to leave, drop your Pen in the return box at the museum entrance.
  • At home or on your mobile device you can access your visit at Enter the code printed on your admission ticket to see everything you collected and created.

Need help accessing your visit online? View answers to frequently asked ticket and visit code questions.

Video Credits

Animation: Aaron Kemnitzer
Production: Natalie Papillion
Legal: Ben Kamber
Creative Direction: Jonas Christiansen, Andrew Schoneweis, Aneesh Chaganty
Music: Torin Borrowdale

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The Pen is powered by Duracell.